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Lego 60167 Coast Guard Head Quarters


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  • Includes seven minifigures six coast guard members and a sailor, plus two animal figures a shark and an octopus
  • Features a 2 level observation headquarters, coast guard ship, helicopter with helipad, speedboat and a buildable buoy
  • Headquarters features a moving radar dish, antennas and office rooms
  • Coast guard ship features an opening deck and bridge, moving radar and searchlight, medical area below the deck and a rescue craft with launch function
  • Helicopter features spinning rotors, pontoons, opening 3 minifigure cockpit, plus a helipad
  • Suitable for ages 6 12

Grab your binoculars and keep watch for trouble. Wait, a flare just went off out on the water, better check it out with the helicopter. There’s a stranded sailor hanging on the buoy, call out the coast guard ship to go get him. Oh no, there’s a shark and an octopus circling the buoy. Rescue the sailor before they get any closer. Take him to the ship for a check up before you head home.


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