LEGO Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwart 75958

  • This LEGO Harry Potter toy includes 4 minifigures: Hagrid, Madame Maxime, Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle delacour
  • The buildable toy carriage has an opening door to enable access to the interior
  • On land, the ornate flying carriage rebuilds as a 2-floor living space, with 2 banquettes and a buildable table on the first floor and 2 beds and a shelf with 2 drawers on the second floor
    2 winged horses (called Abraxans) have poseable heads, legs and wings Hagrid wears his Yule Ball costume, Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour each wear their student uniform and have a wand
    Accessory elements include a chest, 4 lanterns (attached to the carriage), a letter, 4 tea cups and a teapot, a bottle to feed the horses and 2 paddles used by Hagrid to guide the carriage in to land
  • Toy carriage with horses measures over 5? (13cm) high, 11? (30cm) long and 8? (21cm) wide


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8+ Years



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