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Role Play Rocket Ship Tent for Age 3+


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Role Play Rocket is vehicle for the young space explorer. This Rocket space ship will be instrumental in
numerous pretend space launches. The Rocket space ship is embellished with stabilizing fins, windows and a door. Mission sequence number 37 is embroidered on the side panel. This light weight hanging play tent
can be hung from the ceiling.

Dimensions:  Height 102” x Dia 42” (259 x 106 cm)

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Premium Cotton Play Tents

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: All Role Play tents are 100% cotton canvas. Others may claim 100% canvas but end up using polyester canvas. Dyes are all Azo amines free. Printing is water based pigment or non toxic reactive dyes.
  • QUALITY FIT: Role Play’s tents have superior fit – how the shell fits the frame and adheres to the contour of the structure is unsurpassed. This may seem a minor thing but it is important to the final finish and appearance of the product.
  • QUALITY STRENGTH: Other brands tents are either pop up or plastic tubes which do not give the best strength and shape to the structure. Role Play uses only steel tubes which are powder coated and lead free. The mild steel tubes are made from fresh roll of steel and not recycled steel and are made to order on our specifications. The connectors used are not PVC or any plumbing material but made specifically from Play Tents in super strong rigid nylon.



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