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Sluban Building Blocks Town Harvester M38-B0779


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Key Features-

1. Consists of Harvester and Trailor.
2. Two minifigures, one of a Farmer and other of Operator.
3. A Roller to level the field.

Calling all Farming kids! This Harvester will be so much fun to build and play with. Playzu? Building Bricks are super high quality and compatible to the other leading brands – so we can mix and match with all our other kits and bricks at home. Jump out of the truck cab and help the farmer harvest his crops! Unhook the trailer, lower the ramps and unload the combine harvester. Once the farmer has plowed the field, secure the tool and load up the harvester once again. Raise the ramps, hook up the trailer and then it’s off to the next field. Be sure to wave at the scarecrow as you go by!

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SLUBAN??TOWN-Harvester (M38-B0779) (229 Pieces)?Building Blocks Kit for?Boys and Girls?Ages?6 Years and above?Creative Construction Set Educational STEM Toy, Ideal for Gifting Birthday Gift Return Gift, Blocks compatible with other leading brands, BIS certified



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