Spyrosity - Quilling Based Creative Toy and Activity Set

  • CREATIVE PLAY: Spyrosity 3D Crinklers are these adorable creatures and objects that a child can create using special Crinkle paper strips and Cool tools!
  • TWO EXCITING TOOLS: It’s double the fun for kids of 7 and up! First, there is the Spyro Station – Motorized coiling station for winding up the paper (needs 3 AA batteries – not included). Second is the Glue Bot – a special dispenser for adhesive
  • COIL, SHAPE, CREATE: 30 Moulds in 5 Shapes are provided to shape the coils and create more than 15 awesome 3D quilling creations
  • NO GLUE NO MESS: Kids are free to express their creativity as they say goodbye to messy glue with the special Glue Bot, sticky back paper strips & sticky back googly eyes and stickers!
  • COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: Spyrosity aims to keep kids curiously exploring by giving them a complete play system with all the tools and supplies


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Creative journey

A Creative Play System

Quill On is a 1st of its kind creative play system based on a unique crafting technique that is most loved by all. The Quill On range has re-imagined the crafting technique to make it easier and more fun for children. From patent pending automated Spyro Station, Super Quiller and Sticky Back Quilling Strips to cool and fun projects – Quill On range opens up a whole new dimension of creative play. So go ahead, and start a new creative journey today.


Cool Tools

It’s double the fun for kids when it comes to creating something new! First, there is the Spyro Station – Motorized coiling station which is designed to make art and craft easy peezy and super fun (needs 3 AA batteries – not included). Second is the Glue Bot – a special dispenser for sticky adhesive dots. Use this to instantly stick large 3D shapes and transform your coils into fantastic creations.

Cool Glue

Mess Free Play

Spyrosity 3D Crinklers is most preferred by parents as it’s a mess-free toy and encourages independent play. Kids are free to express their creativity as they say goodbye to messy glue with the special Glue Bot, sticky back paper strips & googly eyes! No more liquid glue spilling all over the table and getting transferred from their hands to their clothes. Yippee it needs no glue, so say goodbye to your messy glue!


Quick and Easy

Craft is now no more a tedious task. With the automated tools and easy instructions kids can bring their creations to life in just a matter of moments. The sticky glue dots mean no more waiting for the liquid glue to dry, so kids can start playing with their awesome creations pretty much as soon as they can make them!

Creative Play

Keep Creating and Exploring

When kids start their journey of explorations they do not like to stop. With Spyro Station, the kids can make different 3D creations and much more! This tool can also be used in different craft activities like making your own greeting card, photo frames, school projects, scrapbooking and lots more. We also have special theme based refill packs specially designed for their creative play sessions. The Princess Theme Pack takes your child on a fairy land to be the princess of her world! The Ocean Theme Pack makes your kid a scuba diver and explore the secrets of mighty ocean. The Space Theme Pack lets your kid be an astronaut of his own world and go on a bumpy space ride! So either grab a refill pack or just some quilling strips and keep creating!

Making Makes Us Happy!

Kids love to make stuff by themselves be it pretending to be a chef with their kitchen set or a dinosaur for Daddy’s desk!! With this Spyrosity 3D Crinklers they can make adorable creatures and objects and give life to their imagination. This not only gives a child excitement but also develops him in various horizons like being more confident, self-expressive, and much more. The desire to make is exciting, the creative process of making takes both the left and right brains on a journey of a lifetime; and the accomplishment of self-expression is invigorating. So Explore, Create and get ready to Say – “Look, What I made!”

3D Creations

Describe your products in three words.


How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We are amazed by the potential children can achieve by exploring opportunities of creative play. Their young imaginations are like an ocean of creativity just waiting for the right set of tools & playthings. We enjoyed playing with tons of kids at our activity centers and observing their play patterns and preferences has been the cornerstone of our product development.

What makes your product special?

Each product at Imagimake goes through a complete design cycle that is aimed at giving each child a unique & constructive creative play experience. Each product offers a unique play experience be it the country shaped pieces of the Mapology range or the patent pending new way to quill of Quill On range. Our products meet the highest standards of quality both in material and design. But what makes our products truly special are the smiles and creative sparks they have managed to inspire in thousands of children!

What has been the best part of your experience?

Each and every moment has been one to treasure. Building products from scratch and taking them to children all over has been a remarkable journey. Our work is fueled by passion and we take great pride in what we do. But nothing is as rewarding as seeing our products at play in the hands of a child as the parent watches over with a smile.


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