Tomy Musical Giraffe for Toddlers, 10 Months

Push down on the giraffe’s head to activate lights, sounds and music! The car begins to rumble as the music plays a lively, count down tune in anticipation of the giraffe zooming off over 6 feet away. Toddlers will love to chase after the car, push the giraffe’s head and start the fun all over again. Turn the switch to off and use as a push-n-roll car.

  • Ready Steady Musical Giraffe is all set and revving, ready to go!
  • A gentle push of Giraffe’s head will start the engine.
  • See the lights flash and the car vibrate as he revs up the engine!
  • Listen for the musical countdown and… weee! He’s off!
  • Prompts crawling, walking and teaches cause & effect


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