Yoyofactory ONE (Set of all 5 colors)

  • Yoyofactory ONE is an ideal yoyo for beginners, for Age 8+ years
  • ONE is responsive (returning to a jerk of the hand) and will easily guide you through the basics of yo-yoing.
  • Once you have mastered the basics, all you have to do is replace the bearing with a wider one, which is part of the package, and you can throw yourself into advanced tricks.
  • The huge advantage of One is that in the same package you get a modern and universal yoyo that will serve both a complete beginner and an advanced yoyer.
  • BUILT – Built out of durable and premium polycarbonate plastic and metal materials.
  • All 5 colors together at a special price

5,995.00 5,199.00


8+ Years



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