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Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Dog & Cats (Set of 2 with Markers)


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  • PET TOY DOG & CAT: Features 1 Dog Pet Toy, 1 Cat Pet Toy, 3 Washable Markers, and 1 Scrub Brush
  • CUTE LITTLE PETS: Join in the fun and add to your Scribble Scrubbie collection with a dog and cat that have flocked white coats you can decorate any way you like
  • COLOR, WASH & PLAY: Color & customize your dog and cat figurines, then wash them and color some more!
  • ADORABLE PETS: This pet toy for kids includes Mika the Dauschund, who is full of courage, and Fefe the Chartreux Cat, who gets along with dogs.
  • PET SET: Can be used as an expansion set or on its own
  • GROW YOUR COLLECTION: Additional playsets and animal toys sold separately.
  • HOLIDAY & BIRTHDAY GIFT: Ideal birthday or holiday gift for girls and boys. Pair it with Playsets for even more ways to play!
  • FREE APP INCLUDED: Transform your Scribble Scrubbie collection into digital pets! Interact & play with them on the Scribble Scrubbie App
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Color, rinse, re-pet! Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets are adorable, colorable, and washable pet figures that little would-be groomers can customize again and again! This set of a dog toy for kids and cat toy includes 2 loveable animals, Mika and Fefe. Choose a pooch or get smitten with a kitten and color with the 3 included Scribble Scrubbie Washable Markers. After you’re done with a look, run some water over the pets and wash clean with the included Scrub Brush. Create new colorful coats as often as you like! Additional expansion packs sold separately. Collect them all!



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