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Geomag Pro L Skyline New York for Age 8-99 Years


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  • The set includes: 60 magnetic rods, 48 steel spheres, 30 triangular panels, 24 square panels and 12 pentagonal panels
  • Geomag is the famous magnetic construction toy in the world, consisting of magnetised rods and metallic balls
  • Because of the magnets positioned at each end of them, the rods stick to the balls What is more, the polarity indicator visible on the rods makes it easier to understand all the potential of magnetism and to create constructions at the limit of the laws of physics more quickly
  • Geomag products qualify for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category, which indicates an interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • Swiss Made quality All the products are in line with the strictest European and international safety standards
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Geomag pro-L allows you to develop ingenious constructions. Suitable for children from eight years old, it is fantastic for beginning to explore the world of Geomag, a fascinating and fun world, full of magic and surprises, dynamic constructions, bright colours and incredible magnetic forces. Because of the magnets positioned at each end of them, the rods stick to the balls, allowing you to build whatever comes into your mind!Geomag is an educational toy which stimulates and develops the imagination, creativity, logic, manual skills and also facilitates the understanding of complex notions of physics, such as the creation of magnetic fields and the forces of attraction and repulsion. What is more, it helps to develop children’s socialisation skills when, by sharing the magic of Geomag with their playmates, they learn the importance of team play. Because the rods and balls connect magnetically, it is possible to create all sorts of constructions, from the simplest spinning tops, pyramids, spheres to genuine, proper architectural structures. With Geomag, you’ll be amazed to discover what kind of constructions you will be able to make! The possibilities of the toy are practically infinite: you can invent endless models or follow examples and instructions from the greatest Geomag specialists… there are no limits to what you can build, and you too could become a real expert! Geomag is entirely produced in Switzerland, and manufactured with the ut rigour and attention to the materials which have always characterised Swiss production, in compliance with the strictest standards. Geomag has been recognised as the “ toy to give as a present” by Scientific American magazine, which conducted research on toys which support the development of children’s intelligence.




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