Lego 76140 Iron Man Mech

  • Power up kids’ LEGO Iron Man adventures with the mighty Iron Man mech! When they put the minifigure inside the mech armor, they can go anywhere, grab anything and remove anyone who gets in their way
  • Kids will love the new January 2020 Iron Man mech design – a larger version of Iron Man with a breastplate displaying his all-important energy core
  • Does not need batteries, so kids get hands-on fun whenever and wherever they want it. Playing with battery-free mech toys encourages creative thinking, imaginative role-play & problem-solving skills


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Join iron man to protect the world from evil villains and alien invader! Need some extra firepower? Put the armoured Avenger into the cockpit of the iron man mech! Nothing stops this extra-large, high-powered mechanical iron man… go anywhere! Grab anything! Remove anyone who gets in your way!.



6+ Years, 7+ Years


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