LEGO City Garbage Truck (90 Pcs) 60220

  • LEGO 4+ sets are designed to be fun and easy for young children, with simple building steps that give a great start to LEGO building and help grow their confidence
  • Includes 2 LEGO city waste collector minifigures
  • Features an easy-to-build garbage truck toy with an opening 2-minifigure cab, tilting container and a starter brick base to help your child get to build and play quickly in the busy LEGO city universe
  • Also includes a dumpster with wheels
  • Accessory elements include a garbage can, shovel, broom, banana, fish, small branch and 7 LEGO brick elements
  • Tip the garbage truck container, hook up the dumpster and tip them both to empty the garbage


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4+ Years



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