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Lego Friends 41383 Olivia’s Hamster Playground (81 Pcs)


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  • Includes a LEGO friends Olivia mini-doll figure, plus rumble, harry and molly the hamster figures
  • Features a spinning hamster wheel and a hamster car and motorcycle
  • Accessory elements include slalom cones, a playground sign and hoop
  • Wow the crowds with your amazing performing pet hamsters on their mini vehicles
  • Lead the LEGO friends hamsters through the slalom, over the ramp and on to the amazing spinning wheel
  • Fit the circular base onto the stage of LEGO friends 41368 Andrea’s talent show
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Give the hamsters a workout in LEGO friends Olivia’s clever mini playground. Olivia has been putting her inventing talents to work so that these LEGO friends animals can have fun. She has created a clever hamster wheel she can control with the hi-tech control panel. Spin the wheel and watch as harry rides the mini motorbike round and round. Take the bike of the wheel and he’ll zoom around the playground and through the slalom. Launch rumble off the ramp in his little car and help molly jump through the hoop. What amazing performing pets.



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