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Yoyofactory Loop 360 Yoyo Black (Responsive Yoyo for Beginner & Intermediate)

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  • Looping style yo-yo tricks are, without a doubt, some of the most impressive to watch. The tough part is finding a yo-yo that is consistent, easy to learn on, easy to maintain, and inexpensive enough to not bust your budget.
  • The shape of the Loop360 is comfortable and non-offensive, there are no tiny parts to lose, and they work like a charm straight out of the box.
  • Simply put, the Loop360 is the absolute best yo-yo for those interested in perfecting their looping skills.
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  • Weight |?53g
  • Diameter |?57.7mm
  • Width |?26mm
  • Gap Width |?2mm
  • Bearing |?CBC Small Spec Bearing
  • Response |?CBC White Thick Small Bearing Pads



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