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Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spawn of Symbiotes


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  • Get another piece you need to build a fiery Green Goblin figure with this cool Spawn of Symbiotes figure
  • Figure comes with head part for Green Goblin figure
  • Other figures – sold separately – come with other parts
  • Collect the whole Green Goblin series
  • Figure comes with head part

Destruction and mayhem have a new home. living in the body of the demented eddie brock will the vicious toxin out-savage the chaos-causing carnage? build your own “fiery” green goblin figure with the parts that come with these cool marvel legends infinite series figures! this spawn of symbiotes figure will ally with the green goblin in his evil schemes and he comes with a head part for you to build a green goblin figure. collect all 6 parts (other figures sold separately) to complete the evil mastermind’s body. will he and your spawn of symbiotes figure be an unstoppable criminal duo? the action is epic when you build your own green goblin figure!0


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