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Since 1950


Name Place Animal Thing Card Game for 8-99 Yrs


  • A super fun strategy card game based on the classic favorite game Name – Place – Animal – Thing. Remember playing it on paper?
  • Equally engaging for kids & adults and perfect to play with family & friends
  • For 2-7 players aged between 8-99 years
  • Sparks curiosity & enhances vocabulary in kids
  • Nostalgia hits hard for adults
  • Competition gets real (for everyone! 😜)
  • A box contains 150 Cards | 1 Illustrated Rule Book | 1 Rigid Box

In the card game version of Name Place Animal Thing

  • Collect one card each of name, place, animal and thing of any alphabet to make one set.
  • Speak out names or places or animals or things based on each card you play.
  • Steal cards from your opponents and use other powers to turn the game in your favour.
  • Win the game by creating sets faster than your opponents!

Easy to play, fast thinking and competitive – this game will be the perfect addition to your family game nights or get togethers with friends.

Also a great game for kids to improve vocabulary and develop strategy!


Dimensions 13 × 4 × 10 cm

8+ Years, 9+ Years, 10+ Years, 11+ Years, 12+ Years


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2 reviews for Name Place Animal Thing Card Game for 8-99 Yrs

  1. Yukti

    Having grown up playing Name Place Animal Thing, this game is such a great find! It’s very easy to learn and perfect to play with the whole family. We all enjoy it a lot. Very good quality as well.

  2. Usha more

    This game is so amazing. I haven’t thought that it would be such a nice game but when I played l recalled my childhood. Its very interesting . I have enjoyed a lot

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