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Resin Collectible - Museum Collection General Alcazar


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The “Imaginary Museum” Collection

This hand-painted polychrome resin figurine, which is part of “The Imaginary Museum of Tintin” collection, is presented in a decorative box, and is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. The height of the statue is ca. 25 cm.

The characters and objects in this collection are based on the original poster for the 1979 exhibition, “The Imaginary Museum of Tintin”.

General Alcazar is a strong man. Shady, angry, sensitive, Alcazar is a strange person as likely to punch the table as he is to firing his pistol in the air when he is beaten at chess. Loud-mouthed, the man can, despite everything, be kind, grateful and very well-mannered́. He can even be composed and adopt quite acceptable manners. The high ranking officer that he is certainly went to a military school where discipline and restraint were the key words.



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