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Stax 28 Pcs Insane Magnetic Building Blocks (Multi Color)


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STAX are insane magnetic building blocks designed for kids and adults aged 8-108 years. Each set of STAX contains an array of colors. Mix and match sets to build the ultimate creation!

  • 28 PIECE MAGNETIC TILE PLAY SET – Includes 28 magnetic building blocks and 1 magnetic tray. 12 Squares (1″ x 1″), 8 Equilateral Triangles (1″ x 1″), 4 Right Triangles (1.35″ x 1″), 4 Acute Triangles (2.35″ x 1″)
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS – Strong, durable magnets are great for building tall 3D structures
  • INNOVATIVE AND MODERN – These aren’t your ordinary boring blocks, STAX are strong, sturdy, sleek & unique
  • AT HOME, ON THE GO, AT WORK – Inspiring creativity and imagination wherever you go!

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