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Transformers Autobot Sqweeks Remote Controlled


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  • Choose your side: join the mighty autobots or the destructive deceptions
  • Most transformers toys feature awesome weapons and cool converting features
  • Collect cool converting characters from the show transformers: robots in disguise
  • Relive the original adventures with Transformers Generations figures
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Welcome to the incredible world of Transformers robots. It is a world of high technology, ancient history, and a battle that has spanned the entire galaxy and millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobacs, battles the tyrant Megaton and his evil Deceptions for the fate of freedom across the universe. There’s a Transformers figure for every kid or collector. From big converting action figures to miniature battling robots to figures that change between modes in 1 step, you can team up with Transformers toys to create your own incredible adventures. Whether you’re defending Earth with the Autobacs, or conquering space with the Deceptions, the action is up to you. Transformers is a world-famous entertainment brand with 30 years of history, blockbuster movies, hit television shows and countless novels and comic books. With Transformers robot toys, you can create your own chapters in this epic, ongoing story. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. This copy is intended as placeholder text only and is not representative of individual items in the line.

Motion Effects and Features

This Autobot Sqweeks RC figure features motion and sound effects that will inspire fans to shout ‘Chihuahua’ like the loveable Autobot amigo. Use the remote control to spin left and right or move forward and backward across the floor. The figure brings the exuberant personality of Autobot Sqweeks to life with peppy motion features and expressive LED lights and character sounds. Product does not convert.

3 RC Modes

This Autobot Sqweeks RC figure features robot, blaster, and dance modes, each with different effects. Prepare Autobot Sqweeks for battle by switching into blaster mode with a movie-inspired weapon accessory. Or activate dance mode with energetic movement sequences accompanied by music and phrases. Imagine the feisty Autobot amigo charging into battle or grooving to the beat right in your living room.

Loyal Autobot Amigo

Autobot Sqweeks is the smallest among his fellow bots, but his spark shines just as bright. He’s not one for a lot of words, but prefers to speak with action. Despite being in disrepair, he perseveres, and holds his loyalty to helping all living beings as his primary motivation. This tiny bot is the embodiment of ‘more than meets the eye.’




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