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Marvel: Marvel Iron Man 3 Figurine Set


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  • Movie-inspired design inspired by the 2013 hit movie from Marvel studios, iron man 3
  • 6-Inch-scale premium figures 6-inch-scale figures with premium articulation and detailing
  • Marvel studios the first ten years collection from Hasbro Marvel legends series
  • Inspired by iconic movie scenes modelled after iconic scenes from tony stark’s quest to stop the mandarin
  • Build a mcu collection fans can collect all figures to build the ultimate mcu collection (each sold separately)
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For ten years, the Marvel cinematic universe has been bringing the mightiest and most beloved characters to life on the big screen. In commemoration of this incredible cinematic collection of the world’s greatest super heroes and super villains, Hasbro has partnered with Marvel studios to create the Marvel studios the first ten years line for Marvel legends, including 6-inch-scale premium figures from across the mcu’s most patriotic, mystical, hulk-busting and dance-worthy blockbuster hits. Fans can collect all Marvel studios the first ten years Marvel legends figures to build the ultimate mcu collection. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). Celebrate 10 years with a premium collection the clock races for the ten rings criminal organization as iron man chases down their leader, the mandarin and seeks vengeance on him for infecting pepper potts with the extremes virus. Celebrate 10 years of unforgettable blockbusters like iron man 3 with the pepper potts, iron man mark xxiiand the mandarin figures from the Marvel legends series, created in conjunction with the Marvel cinematic universe’s tenth anniversary. Featuring premium articulation, movie-inspired detailing and 3 character-inspired accessories, these figures are an incredible addition to any Marvel fan’s collection. Premium, movie-inspired details and accessories imagine the drama as iron man and pepper potts work to stop the mandarin and his associates from terrorizing the nations of the world with these iron man mark xxii, pepper Potts and the mandarin figures inspired by the 2013 movie, iron man 3. The Marvel studios the first ten years series of figures combines the premium detailing that fans expect from the Marvel legends series with the iconic moments and characters from the first decade of the Marvel cinematic universe. Imagine the fight to stop the mandarins the ten rings criminal organization terrorizes nations around the world, tony stark looks to shut down its alleged leader, the mandarin. But when pepper potts, ceo of stark industries, is infected with the extremis virus, tony stark’s mission to take down the mandarin gets personal. These 6-inch-scale figures, like all the figures in the Marvel studios the first ten years series from Marvel legends, feature detailed design, multiple points of articulation and premium accessories. Collectors and kids alike can bring home their favourite characters from the first ten years of the Marvel cinematic universe.



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