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Codenames XXL Board Game by Czech Games


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  • Prepare yourself for a huge Codenames party with Codenames XXL.
  • Twice as big for twice the fun.
  • Codenames, the multiple award-winning social word game, is becoming an even “bigger” hit! This double-sized version of the Spiel des Jahres 2016 winner is ready to be enjoyed by larger groups, it provides easier visibility with all the fun of the original.

Twice as big, which means double the size of the box and cards. Those hoping we would double the size of the timer for more time to think will be disappointed.

Just imagine, the party goes on and on, and you want to play Codenames with as many people as possible. Now everyone will see better thanks to the bigger word cards. Handy, isn’t it?

Or, your granny visits you and it would be nice to play something that crosses generations. Was “Fun” meant for Clown or Library? Hard to tell. The sure thing is, however, that older people will read words on the bigger cards better and won’t confuse desert with a dessert.

Codenames XXL edition provides all of the components nicely sorted in a special insert created for this and the others from the planned XXL product line (yeah, spoiler alert).

Dimensions4.7 × 2.8 cm



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