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Little Red Riding Hood (4 Pcs) Hand Puppet for Story Telling & Pretend Play


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Hand Puppets deliver a broad, creative and developmental curriculum in children’s learning. It stimulates a new world of imagination and exploration that encourages a holistic development to children, so that every child will flourish not only academically but also physically, spiritually and socially.

  • Imagination – Much of the educational process tends to stamp out imagination. Puppets play keeps that imagination alive.
  • Speaking – Conversation can become a game not a problem. Children also learn to think out their words so their ideas will be understood by others
  • Listening – When adults use puppets to tell stories and give instructions, by capturing their attention, puppets can strengthen listening skills and vocabulary development
  • Creativity – Allow their creativity explores as they make up the roles, the rules, and the stories
  • Expression – Puppets open a pressure free space for children to express different emotions such a curiosity, wonder, puzzlement and joy!
  • Confidence – When children have  a puppet in their hands who is talking to them, they feel empowered to speak and behave in front of others. This builds confidence
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Hand puppet set of popular story Little Red Riding Hood, set of 4 hand puppets for story telling and pretend play.




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