Yoyofactory Spinstar Snapshot Yoyo, Beginner Yoyo

  • Easy handling yo-yo for beginners
  • High speed POM plastic bearing
  • Durable Polycarbonate plastic body
  • Fast Response
  • Beginners ready
  • Wing Shape Body


999.00 899.00


Spinstar yo-yos are equipped with a special starburst bearing so they spin at the end of the line after dropping and then return to your hand with a jerk.

Tip: if you feel like your yo-yo is coming back too soon, relax a bit of the yo-yo wrapping up and you’ll get a longer spin time!

Special editions from world champions

Members of the Spinstar collection include Snapshot, Popstar, Voyage, Starlite, Black Cat and Go! yo-yok. Collection of YoYoFactory SpinStars and Loop 720s with transaxle response system. They are great yo-yos for beginners to learn with and come in several fun collectible designs!

The packs feature the most renowned yo-yo players: you can meet two-time world champion Gentry Stein on Snapshot, world champion Evan Nagao on Voyage, and five-time 2A world champion Shu Takada on Go!


8+ Years



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